Don’t put so much pressure on yourself

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So many people have said this phrase to me before: “High school years are going to be the best years of your life!”… so many that I actually started believing it and then felt awful when my experience was just… not it. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t bullied, I had some friends but it was a very average, normal, nothing out of the ordinary little high school life. You might say nothing like in the movies or what people tend to describe it to be.

I personally was incredibly excited to get out and go to university, a place…

Sharing my two go-to hacks because I wish I knew of them sooner

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I have been struggling with painful period cramps ever since I was 13. I am not one of the lucky ladies who are helped by the pill either. I used to cry and crawl on the floor just to get to the bathroom and let out the previous night’s dinner on the same door it entered just because the pain was so bad. And I have tried a lot of things. Several different types of medicine, teas, warm compresses, mild sport and yoga, I only ate the recommended foods yet nothing seemed to work. Nothing. I knew that a warm…

I did a one month experiment on TikTok to see if people who start out in 2021 still have a chance of going viral

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TikTok has been on my radar for a while but I haven’t used it as a creator because I was just too focused on YouTube and Instagram, and I couldn’t find the time. But after my research about the influence of the app on the music industry, I decided to invest some time in building up my TikTok account and see if it is as easy as all the overnight sensations suggest it is.

My experiment looked like this:

  • 1st week (January 31 — February 7): posting 1 video per day
  • 2nd week (February 7 — February 14): posting 2 videos per day
  • 3rd week…

Why every musician should take the app seriously

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At the beginning of December last year, TikTok released their “2020 Year in Review” article in which they stated that nearly 90 songs that trended on the app had climbed to the U.S. Top 100, 15 reached number one on a Billboard chart, and over 70 artists who have broken on the platform have received major label deals in 2020 alone. These facts should already catch an up-and-coming musician’s interest, but let’s look at some actual data.

TikTok and its ability to create major hits have been discussed in the media ever since Lil Nas X’s incredible debut, but as…

A little overview of what happened to me during the lockdown

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I remember very well the day I first heard of it. Sometime at the beginning of January 2020, I stumbled upon one of the first articles that discussed the matter. I found the link on Twitter and after reading, I went downstairs to tell my parents not to book a vacation to China because there is a new virus spreading. It was a joke of course. We’ve never been there but we certainly weren’t planning. As the matter of fact, we haven’t been on a family vacation in a few years because we were doing some major house renovations and…

Réka Barabás

singer-songwriter with a Film degree

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